Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Desperate Tourists

It was about 3:35am. It was pretty slow at the time since alcohol sales had ended at 2:00. As I was stocking up the coffee area, a group of four people came in. Judging by their styles, I had a feeling they were tourists. There were two males, and two females. I said my standard greeting and continued stocking as they walked around the store.

"They have beer!" The shorter, brunette woman said with a somewhat heavy Russian accent.

"Do they have a locals?" The taller, blond woman asked.

"I'm sorry, but I can't serve at this time. Alcohol sales were suspended at 2am." I told them as I seen them pull at the locked beer door.

The guys shrugged their shoulders but the response wasn't quite what the girls wanted. They came up to me and the brunette asked, "You can't sell us anything?"

"No, our license only allows us to sell alcohol until 2:00am." She pouted a little bit and gave up, but the blond wasn't done.


"I'm sorry, but I cannot."

She gave me the classic "puppy dog" eyes along with the pouty lips and gave me a lengthened "Please?"

"I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do."

She decided to toss in a slight whine with the look.

"That doesn't work on me, just so you know."

"I'll pay you extra!"

"Listen, my dear, I've turned down plenty of bribes. Anything from $5 to $250. I cannot sell after 2:00 am."

The look left her face as she was thinking, then she hit me with something I didn't quite expect, "I'll have sex with you for the beer."

I facepalmed a bit. Now, as a guy, it would be extremely hard for me to say no to a tall, slanky, WELL-proportioned  Russian blond who wants a go. Since I couldn't say no, I just shook my head slowly.

She pouted once more, then finally joined her friends outside. I sighed to myself and I began stocking up the pop island, still kicking myself in the ass. It's not everyday an offer like that comes along.

I chuckled to myself thinking, 'at least it's one of the better days.'


  1. You run into some pretty interesting situations. How did the guys who came in with the blond react to her proposition?

  2. They were already outside at that time.

  3. Should have taken the offer lol

  4. Desperate... The lengths people will go.

  5. Damn women and their puppy dog eyes. You probably dodged a bullet; most likely she was an infected whore.

  6. You should have not sold the beer but traded some of your own beer

  7. take the offer, keep the beer!

  8. you can probably take solace in the fact that she probably wouldnt have slept with you in the first place... that might be worse though ><

  9. Funny post, I like theese hilarious tourists.

  10. i wonder if that whore actually would.

  11. you make me want to live my life as a night clerk again

  12. Hot well proportioned Russian you say? Well shit, I don't think I'd have been able to resist. I'd have been all like, "well, I can't sell you any beer, but I can get some from my personal stash for you" and grab whatever the fuck she wanted and pay for it when alcohol became legal again.

  13. What a couple of Lames. I work at a kroger. I hate customers